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law firm marketing

In a video titled “Law Firm Marketing: Here’s The Best Strategy That You’ll Probably Ignore (2020)” by Lawyer Marketing with Andrew Stickel, a unique and effective marketing strategy for law firms is discussed. The video, which has garnered over 49,000 views since its upload in December 2017, provides valuable insights into a marketing method that many attorneys might overlook.

Andrew Stickel, the host of the video, is a marketing expert who specializes in helping law firms enhance their visibility and attract more clients. He begins the video by explaining his philosophy of sharing his intellectual property freely. He understands that the majority of people will not take action, but he is committed to providing valuable information for those who will.

The strategy Stickel discusses in the video involves creating short, valuable content videos that address current events and sending them to local news sources. This method, while requiring persistence, is relatively easy to implement and can lead to significant exposure for a law firm.

Stickel shares an example of how he used this strategy to get one of his clients featured on local news. The attorney created a simple video addressing a current event, which led to invaluable exposure for their law firm.

The key to this strategy is to create videos that provide valuable content and know the right people to send them to. Stickel emphasizes the importance of positioning your law firm as an authority in your area. This can be achieved by creating a short video following a current event and getting that video out to local news sources.

Stickel delves deeper into the strategy, explaining how it can position a law firm as an authority in its area of law within its region. He shares a real-life example of how this strategy was successfully implemented.

In the example, Stickel recalls a train crash incident. He advised his client, an attorney, to record a two-minute video discussing the crash, explaining how it could have been prevented if certain technology mandated by the government had been used. The video was designed to be less than 2 minutes and 20 seconds long, the maximum length for videos on Twitter.

After the video was created, Stickel found every reporter and journalist in the area covering the story. He located their Twitter handles, Instagram accounts, Facebook profiles, and email addresses, and sent them the video, presenting it as an interesting take on the story. The result was that some journalists featured the video in their coverage, and one even invited the attorney for an interview on the 6 o’clock news.

Stickel emphasizes that this strategy requires initiative and the use of readily available technology, like a smartphone, to record a high-quality video. The key is to provide an expert opinion on a subject that is currently popular in the news.

Since implementing this strategy, Stickel’s client now regularly records videos whenever there’s a newsworthy event. These videos are sent to every journalist in the city, leading to frequent features and establishing the attorney as an authority figure. Some journalists now even reach out to the attorney directly for his opinion on various stories.

Stickel concludes this part of the video by acknowledging that while this strategy can be highly effective, it requires an “unbelievable amount of persistence.” However, he assures viewers that the effort is worth it, as it can lead to significant exposure and authority in the field.

Stickel further elaborates on the strategy, emphasizing the importance of persistence and consistency. He acknowledges that the strategy might not yield immediate results, but assures viewers that it will pay off with time and repeated effort.

Stickel suggests that law firms should monitor news from local affiliates such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and local newspapers. When a story relevant to their practice area emerges, they should record a video providing their expert opinion on the matter. He stresses that the content should be high-quality and valuable, not just created for the sake of having content.

After recording the video, Stickel advises finding the reporter who covered the story and sending them the video. This can be done through various platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or email. He emphasizes the importance of following up with the reporter, as follow-ups often get more responses than initial contacts.

Stickel concludes the video by encouraging viewers to repeat the process over and over again until they start getting results. He acknowledges that this might require recording and sending out numerous videos without getting a single mention or piece of coverage. However, he assures viewers that if they stay persistent and provide useful information, they will eventually see success.

In summary, Stickel’s video provides a unique and effective marketing strategy for law firms. By creating valuable content videos that address current events and sending them to local news sources, law firms can position themselves as authorities in their field and gain significant exposure.