Will Injury Lawyer in Sudbury Emphasize on Witness Credibility for Successful Claims? 

Upon filing claims after the car accident, the onus lies on the victim to prove the fault of the other driver. The injury lawyer in Sudbury helps you in this regard. Objective evidence like an account from the eyewitnesses is important for this reason. Only a good witness can help your case because the insurer tries everything to attack their credibility. The lawyers use witness account for helping their clients. Both the jury and the insurance company only take a credible witness seriously. Someone with a history of telling falsehood documented with the insurance company or the police is never reliable. 

The injury lawyer in Sudbury says that using them for your case weakens it, sometimes irreparably. Those with a criminal record are also unreliable and useless for your case. The insurance company also determines the credibility based on any relationship between the victim and any witness. Even the most upstanding person cannot give an objective account of the crash when related to the victim in any way. The defendant side believes that relatives would only say favorable things to help the claimant so their testimony does not count. The view of the witness regarding the crash also affects the credibility aspect according to the injury lawyer in Sudbury.

A person moving away from the scene of the crash is not in a good position to give an accurate account of the event later. The insurer raises the question of what the witness saw when moving the vehicle to safer locations. Factors affecting the importance of the testimony include hostility vibes, witness activities, relation with the victim, the plausibility of account, visual impairment, and the possibility of distraction. Effects of alcohol consumption and the age of the witness also matter because the testimony of an elderly person is often less credible. 

Other things matter too according to the injury lawyer in Sudbury. This includes whether the person saw the incident completely or just turned and looked at the proceeding after hearing the commotion. Someone suffering from a hearing problem is not reliable so is useless in proving your case. The vantage point of the viewer and the plausibility of the account or any inconsistencies therein matter much to establish the credibility. The testimony of a good witness strengthens the claim but otherwise, there may be serious damage to the chances of success. The lawyer investigates these aspects when selecting a witness. 

With multiple people ready to give their side of the story to prove your case, the injury lawyer in Sudbury determines whether the different accounts line up. While differing testimony does not mean lies. It may be the result of different viewing points or some crash aspects standing out in the mind than others. The lawyer discusses this intending to help your case.