Learn What to do When Offered Cash after the Crash with Injury Attorney in Oakville

Even with the simplest car crash situation, the injury attorney in Oakville often works for months to reach settlements. This may tempt the crash victims to accept cash offers from the insurance company even from the driver at fault right at the accident site. Such an offer immediately after the crash is naturally suspicious and you might wonder whether the whole thing is legal. The best you can do is to talk with a lawyer before making any decision. Know that it is not illegal for the guilty driver to offer money to the victim for medical treatment. 

According to the injury attorney in Oakville, they may do it to cover the car damages as well. When the liability lies with the driver it is his or her obligation to compensate for the damage but this is often in the form of insurance claims and not cash offers. When the driver is offering cash know that they are doing it not to go through the process. After all, even the most straightforward claim involves filling out huge amounts of paperwork and numerous phone calls. The at-fault driver considers this convenient, so paying some money upfront may seem like an easy solution, as the injury attorney in Oakville explains. 

The driver does not want the incident to get into the police records or the insurance company. This helps them to avoid any potential premium increase or traffic citation. An uninsured or underinsured driver may wish to avoid getting caught for driving minus coverage. Know about these things to make an informed decision when the guilty driver offers you money to cover the damages. Accepting cash does offer short-term benefits know that they are doing to benefit themselves and not you. The injury attorney in Oakville explains this to their clients. 

The driver that caused the accident has no way to know the costs for treating your injuries, or even the extent of the damages to the car. Even seemingly minor damages turn serious in time and the vehicle turns into a total loss. There is little chance of the other driver having enough money to make down payment for a new vehicle for you. Think of this before you decide to take the cash offer at the accident site. Accepting money for your injuries before you realize the full extent of the seriousness or severity is the worst mistake you can make. 

The injury attorney in Oakville says that every victim of a car crash responds to treatments given differently so some take longer to recover. This increases the costs of treatment dramatically. An insurance claim helps you to recover another type of damages too like compensation for the lost wages due to missed workdays. After accepting the cash, you may not be able to file a claim.